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Writer: Dean Georgaris;
Release Date: 2018;
Average rating: 6 of 10;
genre: Action;
Rating: 134426 votes

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Action adventure.
The film is a mash up of Jurassic Park and Jaws, though not as good as either. Whoever knew that there was more abyss below the deepest abyss and lurking in that area was at least one Megalodon (dinosaur shark)
Stars Jason Statham, who is a deep sea diving / rescue expert. He has a reputation for leaving some accident victims behind in order to save the bigger group.
The film highpoints are some exciting action sequences, though these would have been a better if the film were a C15 or C18. Nevertheless this was fun nonsense and better than I expected.
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And have loads of money to spare, then go watch this movie. If you want to spend your money or time any better, then by all means: go do something else! I find this movie not even being entertaining enough for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Apparently this movie is (loosely? based on a book and I can probably assume that the book is less worse. There is no suspense and the plot is very predictable. It is actually so predictable that you can tell what is going to happen and who is going to make it from the get go. The acting is mediocre at best with the exception of Statham who is (almost as) good as always and essentially is doing all the heavy lifting in the movie.

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